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H2O Treater Filter Cartridge (FAL-HTE-3200S)

H2O Treater Filter Cartridge (FAL-HTE-3200S)

$ 110.00
  • Fine sediment filtration for dirt, rust and solids down to 0.5 Micron.
  • The latest in carbon block technology allows for enhanced chlorine reduction.
  • Longer usable life of up to 29,000 gallons which reduces ongoing costs and maintenance requirements.
  • High 2.1 gpm flow rate allows for use with standard faucets or with separate drinking water faucets.
  • Hard water scale control protects and extends the life of all water using equipment that heats, chills, freezes or dispenses.

Crossover for the following Everpure® filters:

(Carbon Only)

4C, 4CB5, 4FC, 4FC5, 7CB5, 7CLM, 7FC, 7FC5, MC, MC2, MD-CN, PBS-400, S-100, S-101, SPA 400, XC & XC2

(Carbon and Scale)

4CB5-K, 4CB5-S, 4FC-S, 4FC5-S, 4K PLUS, 4SI, 4H, 7CB5-K, 7CB5-S, 7FC-S, 7FC5-S, BH, BH2, H-300+M, H-300-HSD, H-300, H-1200, H-104-H-100, I2000, I4000, MD-HN, MH2, OW 200L, OW4-PLUS.

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